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I'm Back (ft. James Rainy)

Rhymastic 10,426

[Verse 1]
Yeah, this is how I flow, how I drove y’all out of control
This is how I blow this mofo’ game up, it’s all about tha style you show
4 years in this shit,you know I sold all tears to succeed
All the plans I proceeded now bring cheer to the rapper y’all believed in
Come and see my achievement…
Guess I made my fans wait for too long
Everyday watching them hunger for new songs
All the haters eyes on me,tryna criticize whenever I decided to move on
I’ve been through all the struggle, done all the sufferin
What make you think I’m gonna surrender to all you suckers?
So here I stand, remember victory is fought for and tamed,
Nobody brought me chances but I’m patient, I get dope everyday
Never forget the truth that every songs that I played, all records that I paid
They came from the heart
So keep your mouth shut and stop complaining bout my art
It’s tha rap game, it doesn’t matter who maintained and who left
Who’s changed and who’s kept
The only issue is who’s the best and I guess I’m the key to the answer.